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I represent purchasers and sellers of residential or commercial real estate.  Typically my involvement starts with the negotiation and preparation of a contract for the transaction involving real property.  It may be necessary for me to review and approve or modify a contract prepared by another attorney, realtor or broker on behalf of a client.  I will coordinate with you our client, the attorney for the other party, the lenders, and any other parties involved in the process.  Everything we do is working towards an eventual closing. Our goal is always to be on top of the status of the closing as efficiently as possible while carefully monitoring and protecting our clients’ interests throughout the process.

If you need assistance relative to a real estate matter and would like to have a free consultation, please contact us at 716-491-1670, or e-mail Anne C. Dimatteo, Esq.

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Anne C. Dimatteo, Esq.


Your success depends on the experience and dedication of the attorney you choose.

These are the three reasons to hire Anne C. Dimateo, Esq. for your Real Estate Buy or Sell Real Estate Transaction or Family Law Matter.

  1. Decades of experience. Anne C. DiMatteo, Esq.  has successfully handled Real Estate Transactions and Family Law Matters for Decades
  2. 24-hour availability. When you hire Anne C. DiMatteo, Esq. as your attorney, you’ll never have to worry about getting in touch with her. You’ll enjoy a 24-hour direct line.
  3. Affordability. Anne C. DiMatteo, Esq. offers reasonable fees to her clients both in New York and from around the Country. Cost shouldn’t prevent you from obtaining good, honest legal representation.

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